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Monday, September 2, 2019

On AI God and the purpose of finite life.

I have been thinking about AI a lot lately. Self learning algorithms.

Also, I have been going to church. Thinking about God. Jesus Christ.

The way we Christians see life.

Science and faith have always been a little bit like oil and water.

The hardcore Christians do not want to think because bible says that much
thinking can lead you astray.

But this thought has occurred to me about the possible meaning of life.

It always bugged me why life has to be finite if there is a God.

Well.. Thinking about the self learning algorithms and teachings in the new
testament. "How the good tree will bear fruit and the bad tree will be cut down
and thrown in to fire." as Jesus said..

What if life is just a breeding ground for self learning algorithms that are

Give me a minute here. I know if you have scientific background you probably
are screaming "Humans are not that simple!". Well I am sure it is much more

But in essence, it would make sense.

Human life is hard. We start out as blank canvases in this world where
good and evil battle.

What we end up. Depends on our free will. Our free will..

The collection of self learning algorithms. US.

Goes one way or another..

Bible teaches us that after this life we will not die.

Well.. What if.. This life is just first phase to another life.

Where the good ones do not die.

As the bible teaches.

How simple would that be. Also explain why we have to live these
lives in this place full of suffering..


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