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Monday, July 29, 2019

Grow Up


Grow Up 

everything keeps changing 
but the world still looks the same
what was supposed to last
it cracked under strain 

we were kids of yesterday 
but yesterday's gone
like toys put away 
caused they are no more fun 

grow up 
grow up 
grow up 
i do not want to grow up 

i do not want to grow up 
in a world without your love 
i do not want to play with other 
kids that i can see 


the nights are darker 
the fall is here 
i can not help but wonder 
how the winter's gonna be 



without you 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20

(downgraded due to 20.5 crashing all the time)


 The FLP file is at: (18 Grow Up.zip)

It uses:

Keyzone Classic:

Sforzando by Plogue: (PIANO)

Is playing  Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westlund
that you can't download at his site anymore. Replace it with another 

The instruments used are written in instrument headers.

Beatmaker Bass Module 2:

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