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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Million Shades Of Red Chapter 3


A battered humanoid robot was standing under the naked Mars sky.

Standing about a average height man high, it did not budge. Its face 
pointed towards a lone white wispy cloud on the sky. Its eyes open, 
taking it all in. 

Once upon a time it had had intricate blue green paint on its titanium aluminium skin. 

On its chest there was letters. "Elon Musk, Founder.". 

Inside of it Elon Musk was sensing the wind as translated by the sensors 
on the androids skin. Thinking. 

"I used to be so smart.", he thought to himself. 

"Look at me now."

He watched at his hands, his legs. 

"A pale imitation."

He shrugged. Kicked his foot forward and began walking 
in the sand. Walking like CP30, a little awkwardly. Clearly not in perfect shape. 


Next to Mike Stone, there was a extremely lean woman, looking like fairy with her long limbs and long hair. She was watching Elon Musk from space, following his every step. 

"I think he is reminiscing his past glory again.", she said to Mike Stone, watching a screen with the broken vehicle now limping slowly towards home. 

"How could he not.", Mike Stone said. 

"He used to be one of the smartest people on the planet. Now he can barely walk. Mike said with a sad look on his face and continued. 

"Just think, without him there would be only the few possible survivors on Earth, living in caves for the rest of their existence.", he said. 

"Do you really think?", the woman said.

"Yes, Lisa I think somebody was bound to survive.", Mike said with a hopeful look on his face. 

The eyes of Lisa turned back to Elon Musk, "If only we had been able to build a machine big enough to simulate him as he was.", Lisa said. 

"Who knows, maybe in the future.", Mike said. 

Elon Musk was listening to their discussion the whole time. 

He had been doing it for a while. 

He did not feel much about doing it. 

He knew they were watching. 

It made him feel safe. 

But also. It was hard for him to be pitied. 

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