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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Million Shades Of Red Chapter 1 2

Million Shades Of Red

By Antti Luode


Mike Stone was watching through a thick window at a bleak
desert landscape. There were vehicle tracks leading everywhere and
few flagpoles with flags from different countries flapping in the wind.

The hot drink on the front of him contained some caffeine and
had a coffee like texture. But it was not the same. He very rarely drank
it anymore. Thinking, he was missing the real thing.

There were almost skeletal people walking behind him quickly,
somehow looking like frail shadows of how humans were supposed to be.
Their muscles did not look like they should be able to carry them.

But they were walking in quick pace. Clearly hurried to
their different tasks. Few were looking at him. But once they noticed
his stare. They just let him be. Like they knew what he was thinking.

He closed his eyes. He remembered rain. Torrential downpour
falling down from a July Florida sky. Him cursing it. He chuckled as
he remembered that. Him hurriedly heading towards Cape Canaveral.

He was jolted out of the memory. Cape Canaveral.

He thought. "Cape Canaveral now". His neuralink implant brought
out pictures of Cape Canaveral now to his vision. A satellite picture
showing Earth. Blanketed by thick black clouds.

He shook himself out of the memory, got up and began walking.

The place he was in was full of long narrow corridors.

All divided by thick pressure proof doors. Like on a submarine.

Exit signs and lockers for what seemed like space suits
were everywhere. There were signs for different technical jargon
that clearly were very important.

"Life support station 1", "Oxygen scrubber control", "Waste
water recycling unit.", he walked past places like that. Nodding
to people he saw. Until he came to a door.

"Station main operating room". He walked to it and it opened.

Inside there was a commotion. But it seemed like a normal commotion.

It was like a battle ship control room. People were tracking what seemed like vehicles
on screens. There were holograms strewn about. Artificial intelligence
units were having conversations with people.

Mike came to a desk with a older gray haired man sitting on the
other side. His eyes dim, like he was drugged. He lifted his eyes from a
 hologram of a vehicle standing on the table and said.

"Hi Mike!", smiling slightly.

"Hi Larry! Sorry I am late.", Mike said.

"It is ok!", Larry said. "I was following Foxtrot Tango, They had some kind
of a vehicle breakdown. Looks like worn out ball bearings.", Larry continued.

"Ok!, I'll take it from here.", Mike continued and let out a sigh.


The elation had been felt planet wide when the first starships landed on Mars.

The whole Earth felt like we could do anything. We had sent a man to Mars.

But at the same time. The tensions had been mounting for eons. China against
United States. Russia against China. India against Pakistan. The nations had
signed all sorts of pacts with each other. It seemed impossible for the situation
to go over.

Until about 20 years after the Mars landing.

A nuclear war. Full on madness with AI controlled robots later trying to decimate
who ever was surviving. Meanwhile the Mars bases had declared independence.

Thankfully the Mars bases had reached full independence from Earth. Sure they
were not able to replicate certain products other than in small quantities. But
the Mars bases were surviving. Even thriving. But it was not the same.

Mike remembered all this as he woke up to another day. He was opening and closing
his eyes. News streamed to his visual cortex. He thought. "Later" and the news

He got up from his bed. The room was not much bigger than the bed. There was a
lone chair at one end next to tinted window and a door on the other. The walls and
the roof were glowing white, like they were a screen. There was no light anywhere.

Mike sat in the lone chair. The window lost its black tint and revealed a
red landscape. Big stones thrown about every foot. Horizon seeming like
it was not very far. Mike closed his eyes.

He remembered being strapped vertically on a rocket. Watching at the Earth outside the window.

The glorious blue green mess, with trees and a sea stretching out.

Him smiling. Yet feeling nervous.

Wondering when he would come back.

The rockets howling like mad as they rose to the sky.

Past the clouds.

Towards the universal blackness.

He opened his eyes.

Two years after the nuclear war.

A lone asteroid had come out of nowhere.

Headed towards the already doomed earth.

It plunged to its already destroyed landscape.

Super heated in the atmosphere.

Struck what used to be Finland.

The force it unleashed finished the deal.

Where did it come from?

A lone doomsday cult had thought about doing what the nuclear war had
already done. Destroying earth.

They were a few years late.

A small operation pretending to be a asteroid mining company. Funded
by a religious cultist from a country that had become wealthy with
natural minerals.

His face flashed in Mikes mind.

The Mars base intelligence had discovered all this after the nuclear war.

The irony.

Mike shook himself, opened a storage container under the bed. Looked
at his clothes and wore them on.

It was another day.

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