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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

So "IPRS_CS" (which I think is Sagregama from India because the claim initially came from them), is being dick about my song "Syrup For Orchestra" and they still claim it offends their copyright. .

I got this email:

"Hi Antti Luode,

After reviewing your appeal, IPRS_CS has confirmed that your video contains copyrighted material that hasn’t been approved for use in your video.

Video title: Syrup For Orchestra (Classical) (Copyright falsely claimed by Saregama Publishing)
Copyrighted content: OOE! - OOE!
Claimed by: IPRS_CS
IPRS_CS wants to give you an opportunity to cancel your appeal within the next 7 days. Canceling your appeal will return your video to the state it was in before you began this dispute.

 View claim details

If no action is taken, your video will be taken down from YouTube on May 15, 2019, and a copyright strike will be applied to your account. If you still believe you have the rights to use this material, you can file a counter-notification after that date.

Why this can happen

The copyright owner disagrees with your dispute, but is giving you a chance to keep your video on YouTube.
The reason you gave for disputing the claim may have been insufficient or invalid.
- The YouTube Team"


Once again, I do not listen to Indian music. So chances are 0 I was copying anyone.

Sigh.. I guess this is where the big boys bring out the lawyers.

Part of me thinks about removing my whole channel because this is just BS.

But I'll just take the song down.



  1. Same thing happened to me. This time, I am not taking my video down and I will fight as far as I can. I suggest you not to take your video down next time.
    Thanks for your write up on this issue.
    Minhaz Ahmed
    email: minhaz23@gmail.com

    1. what happned? did they agree?

    2. I tried to convince that there is none to claim copyright because that was written/composed by someone who died about 75 years ago the vocalist and all the musicians were paid by my organization.
      They didn't listen to me and penalized me.

    3. That is what they do. Youtube is too big company when it can not have people look over the cases.

  2. The exact same thing happened with me.Fuckin frauds!!

  3. What nonsense is this? Even it happened to one of my friends cover song,"ATIYA HIYA MUR" which is an assamese song. But this person whoever he Is have claimed copyright on it.
    The song is completely, composed by my friend Hirakjyoti Kalita. This guy is nowhere on YouTube. But has claimed against the song.

  4. I chanted an ancient vedic chant with my daughter and Youtube notified me that I was infringing a copyright of IPRS_CS. This is INSANE. The chant is what..a few thousand years old?!

    1. Hello. I have sung gayatri mantra on my voice. But I m also getting copyright of IPRS_CS. Can u pls suggest what I should do. Because it is my voice & anyone can sing. Should I delete my video. Please reply

    2. same thing happened with me..what nonsesnse!!they are claiming songs sang by me...

  5. This b...sh... IPRS_CS make copyright claim to my own sung song. After I make dispute, they even refuse it. And I don't want to give any revenue share of my own content to that bul...sh..t Iprs. So I will going to delete now.

  6. Same experience i am also having. This entity named IPRS_CS is claiming copyright of any genre of content published on YouTube. Rabindranath Tagore's song it is, in my case.

    1. I am also facing the same problem.
      I sang a song "Megh boleche" with harmonium self played. After uploading the song on youtube, it is showing melody copyright.
      How can I get rid of this problem.
      Please help.

    2. Change the song a bit if you really want it to pass. Maybe make it slower or faster..

  7. In my case I uploaded a live song in youtube which is being claimed by IPRS. What is the solution of this kind of nonsense activity?

  8. I also got copyright claim from IPRS_CS for one of my videos. I am not planning to monetize the video, can I leave the video as it is or should I take some action like deleting audio or replacing. Anyone pls help.....

  9. I also got copyright claim from IPRS_CS for one of my videos

  10. Hi I am Anitha Suresh... Facing same problem... Can we fight together for the issue...My number - +91 6282782187