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Friday, April 26, 2019

Slave Of A Machine

I woke up this morning and watched Rick Beato preach.

"Perfect is the enemy of good.": 

While I can see that in live type setting this is no doubt true. 

I am thinking part of his problem is the same as mine. 

Getting old. With me even more so because my particular kind of epilepsy 

and pills for it.. Make me able to "feel things". Only in very limited settings.. 

Meanwhile, kids feel EVERYTHING.. 

Getting old. With all of us. It is normal to not feel things as much. He has 
really good attachments to his childhood music. . 

The point I am getting to here is.. What ever you listen to when you are young. 
Or what ever kind of music you listen to when you are young.. 

You are ALWAYS going to be partial to that kind of music. 

It is hard to learn to like NEW kind of music when you are old. 

If it is completely different, it may be nigh impossible. 

Sure I am beginning to like Jazz in my old age as is Rick. But that I think 
is something that happens when you MAKE music. You want to listen to music 
that can surprise you. And the plain old 4 chords or variations there of. 
No longer surprise you.. 

Especially if you make / produce / engineer the 4 chord kind of music EVERY SINGLE 

But what do I know. 

Here is a quantified, robotic song. Name came from thinking about all this. 

The work in progress title for the song was "Post Communist China".. :D  


The project is made with FLstudio v 20.01.2!! (BETA)
It uses:

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