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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I Do Not Want To Be No Burden (Feat Grandpa Jenkins) (Alt lyrics to Your Grandma.. )


#comedy #rap

I love all kinds of music, I am sorry if the "Crap Music" offends someone. . 

I have epilepsy and past three months we have been increasing the pill dosage.. I have to keep on walking, feeling like the earth is rocking beneath my feet.. As soon as I begin to get used to the 
pill dosage, we increase the pills.. 

I feel like a very old man.. 

Also, I broke two vertebrates in two grand mal seizures which I got 3 months apart this spring and this summer.. So another reason why I feel like grandpa Jenkins.. 

I have been making the grandpa Jenkins joke for years.. And I am slowly beginning to feel like him too.. So.. I just made fun of a true feeling I have.. 

I am not hip, my finger is not on the pulse of the latest thing (heck I am 45). I feel like I am over the hill.. 

So this thing.. I wrote it for myself.. A cosmic joke.. God is playing on me.. I know I should not take it personally.. But some days.. It feels absurd..So all I can do.. Is laugh about it.. 

So the song... 

I Do Not Want To Be No Burden (Feat Grandpa Jenkins) 


Is this thing on.. 

I do not want to be no burden.. 

It is grandpa Jenkins.. 

In this uh.. house.. 

This is a music studio fool, you are supposed to rap..

Ok, I am gonna drop myt britches and take a crap 
right here in the studio is where it is at

No no man do not do that, it is expensive equipment! 

But you told me to take a crap? 

No meant you have to rap!

Well that is real good  cause I can not poop 
i have to drink prune, prune juice 
and even then it is gonna take a while 
like we could watch a episode rawhide.

Now you should drop some fire man 
like a chorus 
just say some words over and over

How about? 

I do not want to be no burden..

Is that good?

Yea man, that is good. 

I do not want to be no burden.. 


Yea, that is pretty horrible man.. 

Is that a good thing? 

I do not know about these things..

This crap music it's new to me.. 

I do like that one young whipper snapper.. 

What is his name.. 

Hank Williams.. 

I think Hank Williams is long since dead.. 

Oh no! I like that song.. 

I'll be missing you.. 

That was by P Diddy man.. 

Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show
I laced the track, you locked the flow
So far from hangin' on the block for dough
Notorious they not.. aah.. 

Yeah man.. Quit that already.. 

You are raping my ears. 

Now you could sing that. . 

Chorus again.. 

If you can call it that.. 

What was it? 

I do not want to be no burden... 

What happened to the drums.. 

If you can call them drums.. 

I do not see a drummer anywhere. 

(knock knock) 



Can you hear me.. 

Yeah, I can hear man.. 

It is a drum machine so.. 

We do not have a drummer here like in the old days.. 

The drums are coming back in 3 2 1.. 


You should just quit man.. 

I mean, no one is going to listen to this record.. 

What do you mean quit? 

Quit my job as a janitor here.. 

Hey Janice.. 

Is not he that..

Is not that the Weird Al guy in costume.. 

No.. That isn't Weird Al.. 

Oh crap! 

Get the hell out of that booth man. . 


You want me to crap again? 

Ok.. Here it comes.. 


What.. What are you doing here.. 

Get the bleep out of here.. We do not need you here man.. 

You are fired.. 

You are so fired..

(sounds getting more distant) 

What? You want me to breath fire again.. 


Why are you taking me away man.. 

I like this crap music.. 

Oh man..


It is going to be one of those days.. 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (93 I do not want to be no burden Feat Grandpa Jenkins.zip)  

It uses:

Neo Piano mini:

Sforzando by Plogue: 

Is playing soundfont I got from:

 There is one instance of sforzando playing florestan aah choir from the choir package.

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