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Monday, May 28, 2018

Go Far East

I wrote lyrics to my instrumental "Go Far East Young Man" from January 15th 2015:

Go Far East

where skyscrapers rise up to the sky 
surrounded by statues from ancient times
where all the things are made for you and I 
sold cheaply on the supermarket aisle
where thousand years is a blink of the eye 
where the sun first rises on the sky
on the brand new day shining bright 
where future is made every day and night

go far east young man 
go far east young girl 

to Shanghai 
To Tokyo 

Singapore is where it is at 
Taipei, get you some of that 
From Seoul to Hong Kong
Bangkok To Vietnam 
Go Far East
Go Go GO !

No one knows where the word Asia came from 
but in Latin it means Rising 
it has all the tallest mountains 
and its population keeps devising 
brand new ways to do things 
as the old ways fall behind 
but bamboo scaffolds still rise 
with skyscrapers to the sky 
its where the microchips are made 
its where the otaku pray
to the anime goddess
in a packed subway 
trying to find their way home 
through the bustling streets 
eating pho on the run
underneath the red sun 

 go far east young man 
go far east young girl 

to Shanghai 
To Tokyo 

 go far east



The song uses Shakuhachi sample as posted on Image Line Harmor forums: 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (4 Go Far East.zip)  

It uses:

Synth1 by Ichiro Toda:


 DSK Asian dreams:


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