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Saturday, April 7, 2018

You Are Clear For Takeoff

I wrote lyrics to my instrumental piece "1980" from December 6th 2014

I know the autotune vocals and lyrics are not so great. But my voice is pretty shot and it was hard to write
words to fit the melodies.. 

You are clear for take off

you gotta learn to walk 
and then to run 
if you want to fly 

nothing is holding you down 
nothing is keeping you round
this old town that you hate 
do not just leave it to fate

you are clear for take off 
you are clear for blast off 


so fly 


to the sky 

so high 

you can write that 
cool sonata
you do not have stigmata
you can make it if you try 

there is no reason for you 
to be so sad and jaded 
in this old place where you grew
one day you'll stand in the moon

just spread your wings
and take off 
just light your fire 
and blast off 

you can master
kung fu fighting 
you can do hang gliding 
I can see you are a star

this is your moment my friend
just make that cv press send 
the clouds are waiting for you 
just write that number one tune 

you are clear for take off 
you are clear for blast off 


so fly 


to the sky 

so high 

So fly 


The project is made with FLstudio 12.3! :

 The FLP file is at: (106 You Are Clear For Takeoff.zip)


It uses:

Valo VST: (the link to the vst can be found in this thread at KVR)


 Synth1 by Ichiro Toda:


 Mausynth by Pekka Kauppila:


Ragnarök by Full Bucket Music: 


   Don Allen's Timbres of Heaven soundfont (used by flstudio soundfont player to play dons funk guitar)


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