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Friday, December 22, 2017

Southfork In Rain

I wrote lyrics to my instrumental piece "Southfork In A Rain" from September 6th 2016.

I had a little grammar glitch with "Southfork In A Rain" instead of "Southfork In Rain", thanks
to my wife for pointing it out. . :D

Southfork in rain

Soutfork Ranch
The Rain
It is pouring down

There are pictures of Larry Hagman
Linda Gray
Barbara Bel Geddes
Jim Davis

Southfork in rain
a backdrop for a little show
called Dallas
after Dallas Texas

a show about black gold
texas tea
love and fortune
sibling rivalry

starring Patrick Duffy
Steve Kanaly
Charlene Tilton
Susan Howard

Victoria Principal
Ken Kercheval
SL 450 type 107 Cabriolet
Mercedes Benz, Red

The skyscrapers of Dallas Texas
The cattlebarons ball
Zimmer golden spirit
Jr Getting his ass kicked

And Bobby comes to save the day
Pamela can not carry a child
as the rain pours down
on Southfor Ranch

just a little tv show

just a backdrop

for the dreams and hopes

of the yuppie folk

long live the eighties

the eighties is dead


The project is made with FLstudio 12.3! :


 The FLP is at: (23 Southfork In A Rain.zip)

!! new google drive account (the old one got full)


It uses:

Valo VST: (the link to the vst can be found in this thread at KVR) 


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