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Friday, September 29, 2017

I created a paypal donate button..

People were often wanting to give me money. But I always pointed them to my patreon website.

I never heard of them again.. Reason being (as Ive heard) that patreon has a monthly donation scheme. Sure those people could have donated once and then revoked the pledge which would
have been like a one time donation.

But they did not.

Which I understand.

So to make things easier for you good folk who want to donate money. I just created
Paypal Donation button. I know, I should have done so years ago. Well, I did not.

But better later than never?

So now you can give me your 1 cent. :D

Actually I tried to transfer 10 cents through the button and Paypal took it all as a fee.. :D

So if you give me 11 cents Ill get one? :D

I am thankful for what ever donation you have to spare.


Antti Luode
(Your virtual busker)


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